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NAIDOC Week 2017

NAIDOC Week is an important event for us at Bawurra. To recognise the achievements of Indigenous peoples, and the history of the oldest living culture in the world is an important step towards reconciliation, and towards breaking down barriers of prejudice that Indigenous peoples still face to this day.

Australian Indigenous culture is a proud culture: robust, versatile, and unique. Our recognition of many Indigenous nations is important to the survival of our culture. Whether it be a poster on a class room wall, a community gathering for a barbecue on country, or even a traditional smoking ceremony with your local Indigenous nation, acknowledging is an important way to commemorate NAIDOC week, and an important step towards reconciliation.

To do that is to recognise the role that local Indigenous people play in the very fabric of modern Australia. To do that, even in it’s most basic form, is a stepping stone to breaking down barriers. To do shows that there are greater things ahead for our people, and our nation as a whole.

Bawurra Foundation is proud to be part of the process of building reconciliation and encouraging Indigenous peoples to be proud of their heritage. Weeks like this are important steps in that process too, and ones that we recognise and support.

Thank you to all those people who came out and supported NAIDOC Week in 2017. It was a week of great discussion and analysis of modern Indigenous life, and the role that our peoples, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, can be involved with to improve cultural harmony and to champion Indigenous people.

We look forward to another great NAIDOC Week in 2018, and look forward to playing a bigger role in the Indigenous landscape of our nation for many years to come.


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