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From the Roo's Mouth: Claire Kim

In 2019, Bawurra Foundation has set a focus on 'Community First', and this new series 'From the Roo's Mouth' covers the many diverse individuals who work within our own Foundation and Community. This time, we sat down with Evaluations Manager Claire Kim, who gave us her story about how the Foundation introduced her to a new side of mental health and psychology.


My name is Claire Kim and I’m an Evaluations Manager for the Bawurra Foundation. I’m a massive neuroscience nerd, passionate about youth mental health and am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at UNSW.

Throughout my studies, I was hungry for relevant experiences outside the classroom that would supplement psychological theories. As I was searching, I came across the Bawurra Foundation and was overjoyed that they were recruiting psychology interns. I applied enthusiastically, unaware of the impact it would have on my views as an aspiring psychologist. I was introduced to a side of mental health which I was not familiar with.  

Bawurra’s fiery passion and dedication for the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were one of the many things which drew me to the Foundation.  I was also impressed by the 'Well-being' section on the Bawurra Digital Library which provide all Australian students access to mental health resources and psycho-educational material that is culturally relevant.

When I first joined the Bawurra Foundation, I was a content creator for the 'Wellbeing' tab of the library.  As I collaboratively created content, I began to see the mental health needs of all youth and became even more inspired to create an impact. I eventually became an Evaluations Manager. My role is a meaningful way to capture our impact at the Bawurra Foundation, which entails preparing and analysing qualitative data regarding the Foundation’s performance to ensure ongoing improvements in future revisions of the Bawurra Digital Library.

One of the many things I love about the Bawurra Foundation is the plethora of people I have been able to meet and the many places it has taken me. Bawurra has given me opportunities to listen to and share the various stories of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people, something I am very honoured to be a part of. Bawurra has taken me to various events, schools and communities to share our work which is something I have enjoyed.

Community is the root of the tree and we are the branches. Community provides security, support and is the source of culture. I believe that through helping Indigenous youths strengthen their connection with their community, they can develop stronger cultural identity that improves overall wellbeing. Likewise, it is only through working closely with various communities that our work has a lasting and widespread impact.

For the rest of 2019, I am very excited to go to country to to create more wellbeing content. I look forward to the many challenges and achievements which lie ahead for the Bawurra Foundation. "Community First."


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