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  • What content is in the digital library?
    The Bawurra team are determined to make sure that the content contained within the library is ever changing and regularly updated, with the content including Elders’ biographies, Dreaming stories (written and spoken), language programs, historical information of people and places, information on nations of Indigenous Australia, Indigenous-focussed health resources, and information on high school and tertiary scholarship opportunities.
  • How will this help close the literacy gap?
    Our digital library is a different way to engage in reading. Providing a platform that allows children to have access to role models within their own community, language, and cultural knowledge has produced increasingly positive outcomes in student engagement and school retention rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. If we can get more students interested in reading and being in the classroom, we are on the right path to closing the literacy gap
  • Who is the Bawurra Library donated to?
    The Bawurra Library is donated to remote school libraries that cater to a large Indigenous student base. We also donate to community centres, lands councils and other community organisations offering relevant educational programs.
  • Can I contribute content?
    Yes! Please contact us at We would love to know more about your submission!
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