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We preserve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge

Culture validates my existence, it validates my way of life, knowing my songline, knowing my totems, knowing my place within the family structure, knowing my cultural responsibilities. Culture is what we are about. 

Uncle Phil Duncan, Gomeroi

Our Approach

Bawurra Foundation's community relationships are built on trust to share true cultural identity and help preserve valuable Songlines, language and history. To develop strong relationships, Bawurra Foundation adheres to the following framework when connecting with community and preserving knowledge and culture:


Respect - All interactions with community are based on respect. Only once respect is shown to the community and can meaningful efforts been made can true efforts be made and positive outcomes achieved.


Self Determination - The project is owned and driven by the community. The community must embrace the exploration and preservation of their own culture and history to ensure the sustainability of the Bawurra Library.


Consent - Bawurra Foundation seeks approval from relevant figures when publishing all pieces onto the Bawurra Library.


Secrecy & Privacy - Bawurra Foundation respects that some parts of culture and traditions cannot be shared (between genders, ages, Nations etc.). The Bawurra Library only features content that is open to share with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous school children.


Benefit Sharing - Bawurra Foundation ensures that all work undertaken with the community impacts in a positive way. All community sourced content is reinvested directly into local schools.


Maintaining Indigenous Culture - All content sourced from communities stays true to its original form unless the contributor expresses interests otherwise (i.e. shortening or extending a story, substituting names).


Recognition & Protection - Bawurra Foundation acknowledges that ownership and all associated rights remains with the contributors of the content. All content featured on the Bawurra Library recognises the contributors. Bawurra Foundation ensures the protection of these works from reproduction or misuse outside the intended educational scope.

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