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The Bawurra Library


Our digital library acts as both an engagement tool for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, helping drive interest with culturally relevant materials, and as a digital textbook and cultural education tool for all Australian students and staff in the education system. 

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Our Culture section features Dreaming Stories, traditional information and cultural practices that have been shared with us by local Elders and community Leaders.



Our Elders section features interviews and Bio’s of Elders from our partner communities. This section lets students engage with Elders from across the community, from inside the classroom.


Our Languages section features easy to navigate, step by step lingo programs suitable for all ages. These programs are developed by University Professors and community Leaders, helping revive and maintain Aboriginal languages.


Our History section features information on important events throughout Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historical events and people.


Our Future section features secondary and tertiary scholarships as well as important information about upcoming employment and education opportunities and events. 


Our Nations section features information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nations from across Australia. This section also features the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia, providing a deeper understanding of the traditional owners of Australia.


Our Community section showcases the diverse range of people that make up the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community from across Australia. This section also includes bio’s on high profile Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scientists, lawyers, artists, politicians, sport stars and activists and information about upcoming community organisations and events.


Our Arts section features traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and dance.  Students can also upload and share their own artworks with the Bawurra Library community. 


Our Wellbeing section is an educational tool which provides information surrounding mental health and social, emotional and physical well-being. Checklists are offered to ensure that students are including all the specific factors which have been empirically researched to increase well-being. 


Our Music section showcases a diverse range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music. This includes both traditional and contemporary music written by Elders and community leaders.


Our Pre-school section encompasses educational programs for a cohort of 3+years. Children can also upload their own artwork or stories onto the digital library, updating them as they progress through school.


Our Sport section recognises and celebrates the importance of sport within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. From professional athletes to the local level, sport is an important touchstone which promotes the bringing together of community. We aim to recognise, from the local to the national level, those in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who, through sport, maintain an important connection to their respective nations. 

Connecting Community

How it works

We aim to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to increase school retention and literacy rates by providing a new and engaging way to learn about culture and community.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and community share their knowledge.


Knowledge and culture is published onto the Bawurra library.


The Bawurra Library is donated to partner communities and becomes a growing and regularly updated resource.

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