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Developer Diary #3 Introducing the Bawurra Library 2.0

We’re proud to announce the release of the Bawurra Library 2.0!

Our updated Library signals a complete advancement in the technological component of our project. We have completely redesigned the UI and UX of the Bawurra Library and delivered multiple updates to all aspects of the Bawurra Library platform.

Smartboard Functionality

The Bawurra Library boasts full device-compatibility and can now be deployed to any device, including Smartboards! The Bawurra Library 2.0 update gives teachers the ability to lead a classroom using the Bawurra Library.


New features allow us to better understand our readership. This will allow us to enhance our evaluation of progress towards desired outcomes and inform any future changes based on quantitative back-end and field data.

Special Thanks

We could not of done this alone! We are thankful to our corporate partners and friends who have helped us make the Bawurra Library 2.0 a reality!

Changelog [2.0] - Release - 08/09/2018

  • New Artwork by We Are 27 Creative.

  • Full Implementation of Dynamic content creation and edit system.

  • Complete UI and UX redesign.

  • Comprehensive analytics to allow us to monitor user-engagement.

  • Complete backend restructure.

  • Migrated server to custom setup VM

  • Fully implemented video functionality.

Special Thanks to Fishvision for helping develop the Bawurra Library!

Future Updates

  1. We have a clear vision for the Bawurra Library 2.1. This includes the full implementation of a user-based system that will allow schools, parents and teachers to better understand how the Bawurra Library is being used within the school.

  2. Implementation of “Recently Read” and “Suggested” system

  3. In-App facilitation of story-donation, allowing communities to remotely contribute to the Bawurra Library.


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