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Developer Diary #2 New Categories and Pre-Release Updates

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

New Categories

We've expanded the Bawurra Library to include four new sections; 

Our Arts section features traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and dance. Students can also upload and share their own artworks with the Bawurra Library community. 

Our Social and Emotional Wellbeing section is an educational tool which provides information surrounding mental health and social, emotional and physical well-being. Checklists are offered to ensure that students are including all the specific factors which have been empirically researched to increase well-being. 

Our Music section showcases a diverse range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music. This includes both traditional and contemporary music written by Elders and community leaders.

Our Community section showcases the diverse range of people that make up the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community from across Australia. This section also includes biographies on high profile Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scientists, lawyers, artists, politicians, sport stars and activists and information about upcoming community organisations and events.

Complete Content Customization

We can tailor the content for each category to better meet the particular needs of the community. Our content console now allows us to dynamically format content and multimedia and deploy it in real-time. Changelog [1.8] - Alpha - 13/05/2018

  • Our framework for creating, editing and deploying changes in real time has now been deployed and is undergoing testing.

  • Four new categories have been added.

  • Complete content customization added to content console.

  • Functional on all IOS/Android/Windows devices, also able to run as a desktop program.

Future Updates

  1. We are currently in the final stages before updating to our first releasable version of the Bawurra Library 2.0. We are currently aiming towards an early-August release date.

  2. We hope to implement a wide array of changes that help us gain insights into how our users interact with the Bawurra Library in order to better measure our impact. 


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